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Indulge in serenity with our Spirit Tonic, wild crafted from pristine Chinese medicinal herbs grown in pure, mountain-sourced water, free from chemicals. This herbal sleep & calming aid draws from ancient wisdom to calm your spirit, focus your mind, and nurture your heart. Embrace holistic tranquility and order our spirit tonic today!

  • Best insomnia herbs, gain greater inner-Peace, Confidence, and Focused Energy.
  • Ancient Taoists and Zen masters revered these Shen herbs for use on their spiritual path
  • Expand your meditation or yoga practice, form a stronger connection of Heart, Mind and Spirit
  • “Shén” (Spirit) tonic to help increase self-awareness, vibrational alignment.
  • Helps to build blood, improve circulation & support skin health with herbs like Longan & Jujube
  • Help the body to relax and SLEEP better at night


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