Missouri Grown CBDV Rich Hemp Flower | Forbidden V


Premium Hemp Flower grown in Missouri with only organic growing practices used. Rare hybrid strains, specialty grown for highest cannabinoid content.

A rare hybrid strain, The Forbidden VL is premium hemp flower grown organically in Missouri and selected for the highest cannabinoid content.

The Forbidden V: CBD-V dominant hemp flower

The Forbidden V (CBD-V) [15.871% Total Cannabinoids, 7.873% CBD]:        

Genetics: Sativa dominant hybrid Wentzville, Missouri grown R&R Farms 1904

Terpene Profile: Tropical blend of mango & guava; sweet smelling aromatics and a nice, smooth smoke. Attributes/Positive effects: Energy boost, focused and sweet; This sativa dominant hybrid is adept at elevating your mood and sharpening your focus when you need it most. CBDV is said to be beneficial in treatment of pain and mood disorders. Like CBD, CBDV is also said to significantly reduce frequency and severity of seizures, reduce or even eliminates nausea associated with several conditions and helps to reduce inflammation throughout the body.

Prominent Cannabinoids: CBDVa, CBDV, CBDa, CBD

Uses: pain and mood disorders, anti-inflammatory, seizures, nausea, focus & energy.



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1 gram, 1 oz


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