Missouri Grown CBD-CBC Rich Hemp Flower | Palmelo


Premium Hemp Flower grown in Missouri with only organic growing practices used. Rare hybrid strains, specialty grown for highest cannabinoid content.

Rare hybrid stain selected for the highest cannabinoid content and grown organically in Missouri!

Palmelo- [17.191% Total Cannabinoids; 13.424% CBD, 0.520%THC ]:

Genetics: Missouri grown Indica dominant hybrid Girl Scout Cookies x Mandarin Sunsetd

Terpene Profile: Linalool, limonene and Beta-Carophyllene; Bright, Earthy, citrus aroma; Tastes of fruity, bitter grapefruit, Earthy, Sour & Sweet.

Attributes/Positive Effects: Relaxing, happy, energetic; provides happy, euphoric lift that could be ideal for socializing and focused activities. Prominent Cannabinoids: CBD. CBDa, CBGa, CBC

Uses: Anxiety, stress, mood swings, chronic pain, muscle tension


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1 gram, 1 oz, 7 grams


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