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Discover the magic of Medicinal Foods Women’s Tonic: Hormone Balancing Herbal Blend

• Daily Herbal Tonic to nourish Feminine Energy
• Rich blend of herbs used to enhance Female Hormonal Balance
• Has Chinese herbs traditionally used to relieve menstrual cramps
• Has Chinese herbs used to enhance skin, hair and beauty
• Has herbs used for building blood & Upright Chi while increasing Female "Elixirs"
• Herbs are stone-ground into a delicious, smooth powder ready for divine culinary creations

Rich, herbal blend formulated to gently increase feminine Yin energy.

Women, embodiment of Yin
For over four thousand years, Queens, Empresses and the most beautiful women of Asia relied on these "Superior Herbs" to strengthen and nourish their Yin Essence, enhancing their feminine essence with healthier hair, skin, eyes, cycles, and reproductive energies.

Health and vitality are beautiful in and of themselves, these herbs may help improve those treasures and more; Love Tonic can even help enhance physical appearance and mood as well.

By building Yin Jing rather than Yang Jing, women can better balance and regulate female hormones and sexual energies, which can lead to a harmonious state of being and enhanced female libido.

Add this herbal tonic to your favorite recipes, smoothies, and teas!

Treat your inner goddess!

• Vegan
• Un-sweetened
• Gluten-Free
• Dairy-Free
• Wild-Crafted
• Caffeine-Free
• Non-GMO
• Fair-Trade
• Sustainably Harvested


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