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Great for Pain Relief, Athletes and Muscle recovery, Cool Cann Menthol Formula goes deep to the root of pains and gives instant, cooling pain relief.

Relieve every pain with Cool Cann Menthol Salve with 200mg in a 1oz travel size tin, 400mg in an easy applicator stick, or 800mg in a 4oz tin.

Cool Cann Salve is great for recovery and relief for your aches and pains. Herbalist derived blend of Organic Menthol, Peppermint, and Wintergreen combined with Organically Grown Full Spectrum CBD Extract, St. John’s Wort Oil, and Menthol blend work together for quick action against pain.

This is a must have for any type of pain sufferer!
Full Spectrum CBD is pain relieving and regenerative to injured areas over time. Arnica Montana is known to relieve pain and inflammation and bruising. St. John's Wort is a nervine; getting deep to the root of the pain, while gently soothing and calming the nerves. Shea is a natural anti-inflammatory and rejuvenating to the skin. Coconut is moisturizing, quick absorbing, and also known to be regenerative to the skin.
Instructions for use: Apply as needed. Avoid Contact with eyes.

We all know that life can sometimes come with aches, pains and discomfort. Give your body some relief with Herbal Relief! Our Cool Cann formula gives the icy-hot sensation you need to keep you active and feeling better.

Ingredients: Organic (*): *Beeswax, *Shea, *Coconut Oil, *St. John's Wort, *Full Spectrum CBD Extract from Hemp, *Vitamin E Oil, *Menthol Crystal, *Peppermint, *Wintergreen, *Juniper Essential Oil.

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