Eden Shrooms Golden Teacher Spores


Spores are for microscopy purposes only.

What Is A Spore Syringe?

A ‘spore syringe’ is a syringe that contains spores, the reproductive units of a mushroom (like seed for a plant). For more information, check out this beginner’s guide on spore syringes from Eden Shrooms.

Strain Origin

Looking for Golden Teacher Spore Syringes? You've come to the right place! One of the classics, highly sought-after P. Cubensis varieties that first appeared in the 1980’s.  From there, its popularity in the microscopy community has just continued to grow. Exact origin is not known although according to the community grapevine this variety was first found on a farm in Georgia. Original specimens were said to have very thick robust stems, which were massive. For more information on Golden Teacher, check out this guide. Looking for something more exotic? Check out our Burma Spore Syringes from Myanmar!


Dark purplish black spores, sub ellipsoid on 4-spored basidia. Caps are generally dark spore printers and 40-60mm in diameter.

Kit Contents

  • 10CC Psilocybe Cubensis spore solution in luer-lok syringe
  • 1 x sterile 18ga blunt tipped needle


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