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Give your lips a kissable soft shimmer with nourishing, high quality lip balm from Herbal Relief Company.

Lip Slicks CBD Shimmer Lip Balm from Herbal Relief Company give nourishment to lips with Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, and herbal mixture of CBD, Calendula and Yarrow. Lip Slick gives soothing relief, and really helps chapped, painful lips. The light pink shimmer naturally matches your skin tone, and looks great on everyone!
New Lip Slick Shimmer is lightly tinted with real beets and mica powder to give your lips a soft, kissable sheen!
Lip Slick Shimmer:  (*organic) *Coconut Oil, *Yarrow, *Calendula, * Shea Butter, *Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil 20mg/.15oz, *Jojoba Oil, *Mica Powder, *Beet Root Powder, *Vitamin E Oil.

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