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Happy Buddha Hemp is one of the only companies utilizes the ancient alchemic technique called Spagyric that reintroduces the salts and minerals in all of their products, giving you the most complete Full Spectrum CBD profile available on the market.


  • 300mg CBD / 1oz
  • 600mg CBD / 1oz
  • 900mg CBD / 1oz
  • 2400mg / 2oz
  • 4000mg/ 2oz

Ingredients:  MCT Oil, Full Spectrum Spagyric Hemp Extract

Spagyric hemp extracts are stronger and more bioavailable than other CBD products. Happy Buddha Hemp’s Spagyric alchemical extraction process releases all the vital plant substances producing a full-spectrum CBD oil. Next they go the extra step to extract the minerals and salts from the remaining plant and reintroduce this into the full-spectrum CBD oil. This process creates synergy in the final product, making a much more readily available and potent source of CBD.

When the spagyric extraction is complete, it is mixed into our products to provide you with:

  • Alkaline CBD extracts
  • A 100% complete plant profile (everything that was in the plant at time of harvest is in the final product)
  • A electrolyte boost of the salts & minerals
  • The Fullest Full Spectrum you can find
  • The noticeable effects of the entourage effect

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2400mg, 300mg, 4000mg, 600mg, 900mg


1oz, 2oz


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