Inspired Living

We source our inspiration from the hemp plant at CANVAS! It is one of the most inspiring of all medicinal plants on earth. It only takes a moment to consider all of its uses and realize that if a plant can do all that then certainly you can do everything you were made to do as well!

Healing is a Journey!

Fuel up at CANVAS with the right tools for your healing journey We believe it is okay to go off the path and color outside the lines! Healing is also a creative process of finding what works for you and personalizing your entourage effect. 

Align with your magic

At CANVAS INPSIRED LIVING, we believe in going SLOW and that taking the time to align with your magic and purpose is one of the most critical things you can do for your mental and physical health.  

Our Specialties

Natural Support for Wellbeing

We offer natural solutions that can help you to navigate your wellness journey.  Our team is specialists in sourcing natural products to support inflammation, immunity and mood.

Sustainable Essentials

Our Sustainable Essentials collection makes it easy to reach your eco-goals and feel good doing it!  When you take of your self it feels good.  When you take care of the earth it feels even better.  You have the chance to vote for a better world with every purchase you make! 

Inspired Giving

At CANVAS INSPIRED LIVING, our favorite thing to do is #ShareHemp! So much so that we even started a small nonprofit program, Share Hemp, to help create awareness about the properties of the hemp plant . We are givers at heart and so of course one of our specialties is creating eco-baskets that inspire!